Weekly Speed Paints 2

Based of reference pics posted here in this Ten Ton Forum thread.  Done in about 7-10 minutes each I think.  Didn’t really time these to well though.  Next week I’m setting a timer for 5 (maybe 10) minutes and going pens down when it’s done, regardless of how it looks at the moment.

Photoshop CS5 with Wacom Intuos2 tablet.

Hal Jordan: Green Lantern

I am trying to participate in the Ten Ton Studios website sketch challenge more.  This week is Green Lantern.

I’ve been studying Vilppu lately.  He sometimes draws around the form to help define how it recedes or protrudes into space.  I’m starting to incorporate some of that idea into my drawings.  I still have anatomy work and a host of other issues to confront, but study is helping and these practices are extremely valuable exercises, too.