Couple pieces

Tanna is out of town this weekend. I’m chillin with the boy-o’s. Here are a few pieces I did.

First is a digital painting over Stephen Segovia’s lines of a Vision commission. Lines are here:

Second is a quick Archie sketch (Watchmen, not Jughead and Veronica) for Ten Ton studios’ sketch challenge. Can’t enter because it is digital, but I like to draw the prompts sometimes anyway.

Wolverine vs Hulk

This weekend I did a painting collaboration using David Yardin’s very cool commission he posted on back in 2010 ( I was taken by the iconic imagery and solid composition and thought I would like to use it as the foundation for a painted work. It was a lot of trial and error, but in the end I learned a lot and found some new tricks I can use in my everyday work. I would love to work more in this painted style though.


Art Book recommendations

I did a little artist visit at a local elementary school the other day and the teacher had requested a list of books I would recommend for kids wanting to learn how to make comics or just become a freelance artist. This is what I came up with so I thought I’d share it here, too.

Art Books
Recommendations from a comic professional

Starter Books:

How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way
By Stan Lee & John Buscema
How to Draw and Sell Comic Strips
By Alan McKenzie

Older kids:

Understanding Comics
By Scott McCloud
Making Comics
By Scott McCloud
The DC Comics Guide to… Series (Writing, Pencilling, Inking, Coloring and Lettering, Digitally Drawing)
By Various
Hi-Fi Color for Comics
By Brian & Kristy Miller

High School or above (may contain artistic nudity for figure work):

Figure Drawing For All It’s Worth
By Andrew Loomis
Drawing the Head & Figure
By Jack Hamm
Comics & Sequential Art
By Will Eisner

IDW Art Dump

Okay, it’s been a busy few months for me thanks to the constant requests from editor Tom Waltz over at IDW. Started off with an alt cover assignment for Borderlands: Origins #3 with lines by energy master Jose Holder. Followed up by the whole book of Mars Attacks the Real Ghostbusters one-shot with lines again by Jose Holder. After that was the colors for HBO/Cinemax’s tie-in comic for their new show “Banshee”. Mike Henderson did the great toned pages for it. Love his style! Nice big print run on that and now available for free on iTunes and, I think, Comixology. Finishing that and got another cover gig for New Ghostbusters #3 drawn by Danny Cruz while waiting for the second part of Banshee from Mike. Now I’m working on those and have another super-secret IDW project that you’ll hear about as soon as I can. I’m very excited for it. Again with Mr. Holder’s lines.

Borderland: Origins #3
Lines by Jose Holder
Colors by Jeremy Colwell

Borderland Origins #3 Jose Holder and Jeremy Colwell

Lines by Mike Henderson
Colors by Jeremy Colwell

Banshee cover Mike Henderson and Jeremy Colwell

Banshee page 15 Mike Henderson and Jeremy Colwell

Banshee page 28 Mike Henderson and Jeremy Colwell

New Ghostbusters #3
Lines by Danny Cruz

Colors by Jeremy ColwellNew Ghostbusters #3 Danny Cruz and Jeremy Colwell

The End is Near!


In honor of the coming demise of our existence tomorrow, I figured I would color this page featuring the world devourer, Galactus, and his faithful herald, the Silver Surfer. Like lots of my sample pages, I found this one on the Flats for Colorists group.

Pencils by Copiel.
Inks by Morales.
Flats by TrinityMathews.
Colors by Colwell (me).