Kitty Pryde and Lockhead

The Ten Ton sketch challenge was Kitty Pryde this week. I didn’t enter because mine is digital, but I still use the prompt to push me to do things I don’t normally draw. In this case, girls. I don’t draw girls well. Never have. This is probably my most successful female without using tons of ref. C&C always welcome.

Silver Bullet

Last October, Brett Wood asked me to color the cover to Silver Bullet #2.  It’s a very fun character and Brett is a good guy from the Ten Ton and Digital Webbing message boards, so I said yes.  Oh yeah, he offered me pay, also. 🙂  About a week later the job is done, I’m happy, he’s happy.  Good times.  You can even buy it here (even though I’m not credited in the book due to an editorial error).

Now I’m working on the cover for issue #3.  Another fun one.  I’ll post it when I can.  But, to hold you over, here is the cover to issue #2.  Enjoy.

Death Dealer

Not for the sketch challenge because it is all digital and that is against the rules, but I still wanted to participate drawing the character.  I may do a traditional one to based on the wireframe of this one.  We’ll see.

I’m not sold on this ink process yet.  The end result looks a bit complicated and hard to read to me.  Thoughts?

Digital Drawings and 2010

Didn’t do much sharable work over the holidays.  But now it’s January and like most people I feel compelled to make a better, more productive life out of the next 365 days.  Here are a few digital drawings I did based somewhat on the technique concepts presented by my previous collaborator and now DC exclusive artist, Freddie E. Williams, II in his book The DC Comics Guide to Digitally Drawing Comics. I see a bit of Frank Miller in the first one, but I did a lot more refined and tapered line in the second one, so a lot of that influence got hidden there. 

Done in Adobe Photoshop CS4 with a Wacom Inutos2 9×12 tablet.

Good luck in 2010.


I don’t think I’ve ever drawn Aquaman before.  This one is also for the Ten Ton Studios sketch challenge.  Done 11×17 with HB and 2B graphite.

As you can see, I’m still trying to work through lots of anatomy issues and continue to struggle with hands.  I used the wrapping lines a bit more decisively than in the Green Lantern picture, but still working to get them to help define the forms and not creating too much surface texture.

I’ve been working digitally more in the past few years with my Wacom Intuos2 in Adobe PhotoShop.  This has spoiled me in some ways.  Mainly, if I draw something too small or just plain wrong I can re-size or add  layer on top and draw over it.  Can’t do that in traditional ways as easily.  Unfortunately, the Ten Ton challenges are for traditional media only, so the digital isn’t an option.  I supposed I could work it all out digitally, print it, lightbox it, and finish it that way–but that’s way too much work for a sketch.  Plus this is good practice for doing convention sketches.  That said, I’d still love to get my hands on a Wacom Cintiq 21ux and do the majority of my work on that. 🙂