Red Monica

Taking a little time to work on some issues I discovered while coloring some Zenescope pages recently. I wanted to work on my skin tones and using more bounce light to unify the image and give it the feeling the objects actually inhabit the same space. I found a Deviant Art group called Flats for Colorists. Lots of good stuff there that I can use to practice specific issues I see needing work. This was drawn by Randy Green. Don’t know who the inker is, sorry. Flats were done by Eddy Swan.

Red Monica colors

Red Monica lineart

Adventure Comics #528

Long story, short–I tried out for a full digital painting job posted by Brian Miller at Hi-Fi Studio. Didn’t get it. But, Brian was impressed with my skills and offered me a few pages of Adventure Comics #528. He liked those, and now I’m a member of team Hi-Fi. Brian gave me the okay to post the pages once published so I’ll be updating this thread as they hit. Adventure Comics #528 today, Booster Gold #46 next week, and Titans #37 the week after that.

Adventure Comics #528, pgs 10, 12
Pencillers: Geraldo Borges & Ransom Getty
Inkers: Marlo Alquiza & Rob Hunter

ADVC 528 10 72

ADVC 528 12 72