Red Monica

Taking a little time to work on some issues I discovered while coloring some Zenescope pages recently. I wanted to work on my skin tones and using more bounce light to unify the image and give it the feeling the objects actually inhabit the same space. I found a Deviant Art group called Flats for Colorists. Lots of good stuff there that I can use to practice specific issues I see needing work. This was drawn by Randy Green. Don’t know who the inker is, sorry. Flats were done by Eddy Swan.

Red Monica colors

Red Monica lineart

Adventure Comics #528

Long story, short–I tried out for a full digital painting job posted by Brian Miller at Hi-Fi Studio. Didn’t get it. But, Brian was impressed with my skills and offered me a few pages of Adventure Comics #528. He liked those, and now I’m a member of team Hi-Fi. Brian gave me the okay to post the pages once published so I’ll be updating this thread as they hit. Adventure Comics #528 today, Booster Gold #46 next week, and Titans #37 the week after that.

Adventure Comics #528, pgs 10, 12
Pencillers: Geraldo Borges & Ransom Getty
Inkers: Marlo Alquiza & Rob Hunter

ADVC 528 10 72

ADVC 528 12 72

Cintiq fun

I’ve been trying to spend more time with the greatly creative folks at the Periscope Studio in nearby downtown Portland, OR.  I go on most Thursdays now and have spent my time sketching at a small central table soaking in the creativity and camaraderie of  the crew there.  Today was a little different.  There were some Wacom employees there talking product, taking pictures, and just interacting with their customer base.  Most of the artist at Periscope Studio have a Wacom product of some sort, mainly Cintiq 12WX‘s and a few 21UX‘s.  They also have a computer room that houses a few Macs attached to more 21UX’s. Yes, it is a truly awesome sight.  Which brings me to today’s art post.  Since I’m not a member of the Studio I thought I’d bow out of the interviewing area and went to play on one of the open 21UX’s.  A few minutes of getting used to the glass thickness of the monitor and quite a few more minutes getting used to a Mac (I use a PC at my studio) and I was up and drawing.  I’ve never felt anything like it.  The sensation of working on screen was so natural I’m not sure how I’ll go back to my old model Intuos 2.  In about 2.5 hours this is what I came up with.  Not the greatest drawing, and evidence that I really should thumbnail first, but it was so much fun working on the Cintiq that I wanted to post it.

Done in Photoshop CS3 with Cintiq 21UX.