Couple pieces

Tanna is out of town this weekend. I’m chillin with the boy-o’s. Here are a few pieces I did.

First is a digital painting over Stephen Segovia’s lines of a Vision commission. Lines are here:

Second is a quick Archie sketch (Watchmen, not Jughead and Veronica) for Ten Ton studios’ sketch challenge. Can’t enter because it is digital, but I like to draw the prompts sometimes anyway.

Last One Out page1 v2

Going back into these now to tighten up some things that bugged me in the first versions. Also, I had originally wanted to do black and white, but since I’m mostly a colorist now, I felt compelled to add color. It just brings a bit more to the piece, like a soundtrack to a movie. There’s still at least one more round of revisions to go before I consider it done enough to submit, but I wanted to share where I’m going with it.

Last One Out pages 1-5

Been toying with this idea I have. Basic set up is here in the first 5 pages. Total project is planned to be around 100 pages. Very loose, very quick art. Just enough to give the impression of story elements without getting bogged down in detail. Maybe too loose, but I’m not sure yet.