Sinbad and Dec Samples

The over sized 36 page issue of Grimm Fairy Tales 2011 Special Edition came out on December 7th. This book was a huge accomplishment for me. Firstly, it was my first solo job where I did every page of colors. Second, I did it in just of two weeks–my best production speed to date. And last, but most importantly, I feel it is some of my best work and a project where I’m finally starting to develop my own style and work method. So far I’ve been using mostly techniques gained from working for Hi-Fi, but now I’m getting back to my fine art/oil painting roots and exploring how to incorporate those into the commercial needs of a published book. I’m currently coloring Grimm Fairy Tales #67 and taking them even farther. My goal is to get to a point of doing fully painted work at a speed that allows a two week production schedule. I’m getting closer. 🙂

Sinbad pg 5

Sinbad pg 21

Sinbad pg 25

I’ve also updated my Coloring Samples page to showcase some of my favorite pieces from the last month. Please contact me if you are interested in seeing more, having my try over other lineart, or just want to hire me outright!

Best to you and yours and have a happy holiday season!