Xena & Buffy

Another commission with my recently frequent collaborator President “Prez” Nelson.  I didn’t realize until it was already uploaded to him that the bottom of Buffy’s weapon is a wood stake.  Fortunately, Prez knew that and fixed it up before sending it to the client.  Here is my unfixed version.

XenaBuffy collr

Recent Commissions

President “Prez” Nelson hired me to color some of his commission requests.  It’s been a great working environment with just the right balance of direction, appreciation, and flexibility.  I get one every few days so it’s a nice side stream of work, too.

A recreation based on a Batman: Dark Detective cover.

BatmanDD6Censored col

Magneto based on a Joe Mad pic.

MagnetoMad colLR

Emma Frost.

EmmaFrostCape colLR

Darth Bane from the Star Wars universe.

DarthBane col R1

And the Green Lantern & Zatanna one from my last post was based on the likenesses of the male and female commissioners.

Happy & Busy

Just an update to thank everyone for the support I’ve been receiving lately.  Lots of praise, encouragement and work have been coming my way these past few weeks since the Emerald City ComiCon.  I’ve been flatting a couple pages a day, doing full coloring commissions and random color work for IDW for a pitch to gain a new property (it’s going to be awesome if they get it!).  So thanks again and I hope to continue this streak and pick up even more work in the coming weeks.

Here is one of the recent commissions.

Lines by President Nelson.

ZatannaGreenLantern2 col

Agents of Atlas colors

Khoi Pham posted his penciled commission over on the Ten Ton boards.  I thought it was a great image and rendered in a way I’m not used to seeing, so I took a shot at coloring it today.  Lots of fun and educational, too!

Portland Comic Book Show

I had a table at the latest Portland Comic Book Show this past weekend.  First time.  It was a lot of fun.  I met many new people and a couple of old acquaintances, sold some original comic pages, did a ton of free sketches for the kids who stopped by, and also did my first live commissions at a show.  After this experience, I’m pretty sure I’ll get a table at the Emerald City ComiCon coming this spring in Seattle, and probably do the Portland one again next fall.

Here’s one of the pieces I did that day.  I’ll post some of the other ones I took photos of soon.