Can I get an update here?

Sorry. Been working tons–and that’s a good thing. Just put the last of Trekker: Avalon Bay in the can for Dark Horse Presents. Six, eight page installments went way to fast. Also working on KISS Kids mini-series for IDW. 1st issue is done and only 3 more to go. Very fun work on that one.

Here’s a few shots of recent work to hold you over until my next post…hopefully sooner between than this one.

DHP26 cover

Mal of Firefly

Batman and Outsiders

KISS Kids 1a

KISS Kids 1b

KISS Kids 1c

Trekker Rose City Comic Con

Ron Randall had asked me to color up this promo image for the upcoming (Sept. 8/9, 2012) Rose City Comic Con. It’s a new show that we in the Portland area hope grows into an Emerald City ComiCon-like event. This will be used in promotional materials, but not sure where it will show up yet.

For those who don’t know, it’s Mercy St.Clair–a futuristic bounty hunter (Trekker) from Ron’s series of comics spanning the last 20 years. The original tales are being uploaded at a rate of 3 pages a week, with new (color!) material in the works. Right now he has the first six+ issues up at Check it out.

March Color Samples updated

Check out my new samples for March here:

The samples represent a selection of my work published, solicited, or completed recently.

    Call of Wonderland [Zenescope], #01, Cover (solicited)
    Fury of Firestorm [DC] #6, pages 4, 5 (published as Hi-Fi)
    The Jungle Book [Zenescope], #03, Cover (solicited)
    Trauma, #0, page 1 (commission)
    Ted War, #01, Cover (commission)


I was hired to handle the colors for a pitch called, “Trauma” written by Curt Pires and drawn by Viktor Bogdanovic. I was immediately impressed with the concept and lineart, so of course I took the gig. I believe the plan is to start pitching it at Emerald City ComiCon in late March. I’ve been cleared to show a few pages though, so here are pages 3 and 5.



2012 ECCC Monsters & Dames

Ron Randall, an artist I’ve worked with over the years, asked me to color his contribution to the 2012 Emerald City ComiCon’s Monsters & Dames charity art book.  It’s monsters…and dames!  How could I resist?

While you’re at it, head on over to his site where he’s running the whole Trekker series (originally published by Dark Horse, I believe) a page at a time featuring the daring dame of this image, Mercy St. Clair.  Loads of great content to read and it’s free.

Trekker Monsters & Dames 2012

Trekker and Grim Ghost #4

Ron Randall, a friend and frequent collaborator a few years back, saw some of my color work at Emerald City Comicon.  Last week he contacted me again to do some colors for a promotional image for the relaunch of his Trekker property as a web comic.  Of course I said yes!  He wanted something a little more muted and soft, so here’s what I did.

Trekker Promo.

Lines by Ron Randall

Colors by Jeremy Colwell

Trekker Promo Image

Also, Chris Summers needed help with some of his work on Grim Ghost #4 and 5.  The deal I had with him was for pay and credit in the book.  Sadly, he tells me Atlas failed to add my name to the book. 🙁  Should be rectified in issue 5, but still would have been nice at this point in my career to get the print credit whenever possible.  Anyhow, here are 3 of the 12 pages I did that issue.

Grim Ghost No.4 Pgs 3, 4, 9

Lines by Kelly Jones

Colors by Jeremy Colwell

Grim Ghost no4 pg3Grim Ghost no4 pg4Grim Ghost no4 pg9