Store is now live!

Finally got stuff loaded into the Store on this site. It’s a collection of books I’ve worked on over the years that I no longer have space for at my convention appearances.

I’m new to this and not a professional retailer–I’m a comic book colorist. However, I have friends who are steering me right in the packing and shipping methods of the pros. Similarly, I am new to this online sales/cart thing so please email me at when you place an order so I can make sure I’m doing everything to give you the best experience.

I am happy to sign any and all of the books if you would like. If you have a specific personalized text you want, please email me at to let me know that, too.

I’m not a professional grader, but these are all in good condition. Usually they are straight from the publisher and then bagged and boarded. Scans are of my actual books, but when there is more than one copy, I only scanned one since they are all in nearly identical condition. If you need a scan of the specific issue you want to buy, email me at and I’ll scan it for you.

Thanks for your support!

Dexter’s Lab and Brain Boy out yesterday

Fyi, I had two releases come out yesterday. My second issue of Dexter’s Laboratory from IDW and the first issue of Brain Boy: The Men from G.E.S.T.A.T. from Dark Horse. Two very different books in tone and style. I like that I feel comfortable doing both. 🙂

Previews are here:

Dexter’s Lab:

Brain Boy:

Trekker release party

Tonight from 6-8, Bridge City Comics ( is hosting a release party for a trade paperback collection of a book I worked on for Dark Horse Comics. Trekker: The Train to Avalon Bay collects the six part Dark Horse Presents serialization with some new pages added in for a smoother ride. Plus it includes the Trekker/Johnny Zombie story that I worked on for And a whole bunch of extras like pinups from some hot industry fellas.

Please stop by if you are in town! Also, to allow us to make more Trekker, please support the trade with your hard earned cash or letters to Dark Horse. Jim Gibbons is the editor, so toss the nice words his way. 🙂

Rocky & Bullwinkle #1

IDW brought me on board to color the new Rocky & Bullwinkle series that hit the stands this past Wednesday. Go me! Tons of fun with Mark Evanier (writer) Roger Langridge (line art) and Sarah Gaydos (editor). I’m wrapping up issue #4 this week, but for now, here is some art from #1 (that I’ve already seen posted around the web). Thanks for letting me live the dream.









WildCats #8, page 1

Pete Woods was kind enough to send me some full res linework a while back when I was first trying to get into this crazy coloring biz. I tried a few of them right after I got them, but I wasn’t ready. Pete’s work on these is very open lined and leaves a lot for the colorist to make or break. I’m still learning (as you can see). Thanks, Pete!


Hulk 20 pg 8 color practice

I got this page a long time ago when I first started coloring. It was in a try-out packet I think CB Cebulski sent me from Marvel. I don’t know what happened to my original attempt back then, but I wanted to try it again. I picked it because, a. it was already flatted, and b. it had Black skin tones and I wanted to work on those.

Penciller: Ed McGuinness
Inker: Mark Farmer


Can I get an update here?

Sorry. Been working tons–and that’s a good thing. Just put the last of Trekker: Avalon Bay in the can for Dark Horse Presents. Six, eight page installments went way to fast. Also working on KISS Kids mini-series for IDW. 1st issue is done and only 3 more to go. Very fun work on that one.

Here’s a few shots of recent work to hold you over until my next post…hopefully sooner between than this one.

DHP26 cover

Mal of Firefly

Batman and Outsiders

KISS Kids 1a

KISS Kids 1b

KISS Kids 1c