Beta Ray Bill paint over Pham

I had a request from a member of Ten Ton forum to do another video painting over someone’s lines. I selected a Khoi Pham Beta Ray Bill sketch and gave it a quick sketch paint treatment. Video is sped up 4x actual speed since I assume you don’t need too much detail on this sketchy thing.

Venom #1, Pg10

Another page that I flatted for John Rauch back in the day. It was one of my first pages and looking at the flats as a colorist now, I’m appalled at my selections. Mis-reads and stray pixels all over. Sorry, John. 🙁 I did get much better though.

From Venom #1, Pg 10.
Pencils by Tony Moore
Inks by Crimelab! Studios


Fear Itself: Homefront

When I was first starting out coloring, I got gigs doing flatting for pros. One of my first jobs was for John Rauch for Marvel’s Fear Itself: Homefront #1. I’m trying to prep some samples for the upcoming Emerald City ComiCon, so I’m diving into my HD looking for pages I feel are a good fit and challenge for me.

Lines by Elia Bonetti.
Colors by me.


Outsiders #50, colors

Did an even more complicated and labor intensive process on this. The previous technique I was using to color of grayscale had some flaws that made me have a lot more trial and error to get it right. This new way is more likely to get the results I want, but will take some time to streamline into a useful method.

Again, thanks to Matthew Clark for the excellent pencils.

Outsiders #50 cover, Grayscale

A while ago, longer than I care to remember, I was hanging out at the Periscope Studio with Matthew Clark. At the time I was pursuing inking and he was generous enough to let me snag some scans of his work for practice. Fast forward, and now I’m coloring and doing concept work. Found this on my hard drive and thought it would make a good experiment piece. At this stage it’s part line, part paint. Next is to take it all the way to grayscale paint, then color.

Matthew’s original pencils:

Hulk #20, pg 7

Another Hulk page (no actual Hulk on this one) from Marvel. Working on my scene unity on these. I’ve been so caught up in “rendering correctly” that it’s time to push the storytelling part of my development. Tried to go with a desert pallet.

Penciller: Ed McGuinness
Inker: Mark Farmer