Reclining Female Nude

Another figure drawing I did using Marcus Ranum’s stock photo from Deviant Art. Done in Photoshop CS6 on an Cintiq in about 45 minutes.

I actually did a HD screen capture video of me drawing this and had my mic on so I talked through it as I worked. You can see it on YouTube here:

I still have a long way to go on this figure drawing stuff, but I feel better with each one.

More Head study

Another from a cropped stock photo by Marcus Ranum. This one had a cool overhead rear lighting that I might need to use in some of my coloring work. It also helps to see the forms lit in multiple ways to get a better understanding of them as 3-dimensional objects.

I did this one more painterly. I didn’t ink it and skipped the flats–just roughed in contours and then went straight to painting.

Sketch 2/23 & 2/24

Didn’t post yesterdays, so that’s here, too.

Today, playing around with some stuff from Daarken’s site, He’s done a few videos talking about proportions and 8 heads, so I built a 4×8 grid brush with a rough figure in it to try some stuff. Tossing it in perspective is pretty easy now, but still very stiff. You can see how I did it with the grid, then roughed it freehand. I think I may be useful in keeping proportions more correct, but it will only be part of the rough process and not final, I think. I still like the energy of freehanding.

Daily Sketch Start

Trying to do more sketching so I’m going to post them up as a way of keeping myself accountable. I started yesterday so I’m posting two days worth. These are very quick–usually about 30 seconds per figure. I start with one on the page and then build the others around it to force myself to fit them into the areas that are created by the existing figures. Fun challenge and keeps me interested more than just drawing page after page of whatever pose comes to mind.

Hal Jordan: Green Lantern

I am trying to participate in the Ten Ton Studios website sketch challenge more.  This week is Green Lantern.

I’ve been studying Vilppu lately.  He sometimes draws around the form to help define how it recedes or protrudes into space.  I’m starting to incorporate some of that idea into my drawings.  I still have anatomy work and a host of other issues to confront, but study is helping and these practices are extremely valuable exercises, too.