WildCats #8, page 1

Pete Woods was kind enough to send me some full res linework a while back when I was first trying to get into this crazy coloring biz. I tried a few of them right after I got them, but I wasn’t ready. Pete’s work on these is very open lined and leaves a lot for the colorist to make or break. I’m still learning (as you can see). Thanks, Pete!


Art Book recommendations

I did a little artist visit at a local elementary school the other day and the teacher had requested a list of books I would recommend for kids wanting to learn how to make comics or just become a freelance artist. This is what I came up with so I thought I’d share it here, too.

Art Books
Recommendations from a comic professional

Starter Books:

How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way
By Stan Lee & John Buscema
How to Draw and Sell Comic Strips
By Alan McKenzie

Older kids:

Understanding Comics
By Scott McCloud
Making Comics
By Scott McCloud
The DC Comics Guide to… Series (Writing, Pencilling, Inking, Coloring and Lettering, Digitally Drawing)
By Various
Hi-Fi Color for Comics
By Brian & Kristy Miller

High School or above (may contain artistic nudity for figure work):

Figure Drawing For All It’s Worth
By Andrew Loomis
Drawing the Head & Figure
By Jack Hamm
Comics & Sequential Art
By Will Eisner

Reclining Female Nude

Another figure drawing I did using Marcus Ranum’s stock photo from Deviant Art. Done in Photoshop CS6 on an Cintiq in about 45 minutes.

I actually did a HD screen capture video of me drawing this and had my mic on so I talked through it as I worked. You can see it on YouTube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PDvvD31ijIc

I still have a long way to go on this figure drawing stuff, but I feel better with each one.

Wonder Woman

Another page I found flatted on DeviantArt.com in the Flats for Colorists group. Thanks guys!

This page was informed by my recent critiques on my X-Men and Batman pages. I tried to make more specific storytelling choices, like making the bg more neutral green to contrast with the figures. Still working on my female rendering. I have a natural desire to render the hell out of stuff and that just doesn’t work on women, especially the soft figures of Drew Johnson. A soft touch and blended edges seemed to be the key.

Wonder Woman v3, no7, pg6
Pencils: Drew Johnson
Inks: Jorge Copo (not the inker from the published book, but used the original pencils)
Flats: XganglyX on DA


More Head study

Another from a cropped stock photo by Marcus Ranum. This one had a cool overhead rear lighting that I might need to use in some of my coloring work. It also helps to see the forms lit in multiple ways to get a better understanding of them as 3-dimensional objects.

I did this one more painterly. I didn’t ink it and skipped the flats–just roughed in contours and then went straight to painting.