Art Book recommendations

I did a little artist visit at a local elementary school the other day and the teacher had requested a list of books I would recommend for kids wanting to learn how to make comics or just become a freelance artist. This is what I came up with so I thought I’d share it here, too.

Art Books
Recommendations from a comic professional

Starter Books:

How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way
By Stan Lee & John Buscema
How to Draw and Sell Comic Strips
By Alan McKenzie

Older kids:

Understanding Comics
By Scott McCloud
Making Comics
By Scott McCloud
The DC Comics Guide to… Series (Writing, Pencilling, Inking, Coloring and Lettering, Digitally Drawing)
By Various
Hi-Fi Color for Comics
By Brian & Kristy Miller

High School or above (may contain artistic nudity for figure work):

Figure Drawing For All It’s Worth
By Andrew Loomis
Drawing the Head & Figure
By Jack Hamm
Comics & Sequential Art
By Will Eisner

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