IDW Art Dump

Okay, it’s been a busy few months for me thanks to the constant requests from editor Tom Waltz over at IDW. Started off with an alt cover assignment for Borderlands: Origins #3 with lines by energy master Jose Holder. Followed up by the whole book of Mars Attacks the Real Ghostbusters one-shot with lines again by Jose Holder. After that was the colors for HBO/Cinemax’s tie-in comic for their new show “Banshee”. Mike Henderson did the great toned pages for it. Love his style! Nice big print run on that and now available for free on iTunes and, I think, Comixology. Finishing that and got another cover gig for New Ghostbusters #3 drawn by Danny Cruz while waiting for the second part of Banshee from Mike. Now I’m working on those and have another super-secret IDW project that you’ll hear about as soon as I can. I’m very excited for it. Again with Mr. Holder’s lines.

Borderland: Origins #3
Lines by Jose Holder
Colors by Jeremy Colwell

Borderland Origins #3 Jose Holder and Jeremy Colwell

Lines by Mike Henderson
Colors by Jeremy Colwell

Banshee cover Mike Henderson and Jeremy Colwell

Banshee page 15 Mike Henderson and Jeremy Colwell

Banshee page 28 Mike Henderson and Jeremy Colwell

New Ghostbusters #3
Lines by Danny Cruz

Colors by Jeremy ColwellNew Ghostbusters #3 Danny Cruz and Jeremy Colwell