Thrillbent and other news

Sorry for the long delays between posts. Still trying to come up for air. October was insane. I know in this industry it’s feast or famine, but it’s been down right glutinous how much work I’ve been offered lately. I am not complaining!

Some news to share, the Trekker/Johnny Zombie project has hit Check out the first part here: I did the first half and Grace Allison did the second half (from where Mercy grabs the rail when falling). It was planned this way. You’ll see why later. The second part should be posted in two weeks.

Speaking of Trekker, Dark Horse has officially picked it up and Ron Randall and I are gearing up for more Mercy St. Clair stories in Dark Horse Presents (DHP) this coming May. I know we’ll be on the cover of one of our issues at least. Also, got a Trekker Omnibus in the works as well as new material beyond DHP, I think. I did another Trekker pic with Ron for the 2013 ECCC Monsters & Dames charity book. Haven’t heard if it was accepted yet, but last years was and I think this is even better.

IDW seems to be my new freelance home lately. Couldn’t be happier. Great set of guys there to work with. Communication is amazing and they run a tight ship–very professional. I can’t announce or show work yet, but they are the reason I’m not sleeping much in Oct and Nov.

Lots of other little gigs, too. Did a few covers for some indie friends and a few more coming as well as some interiors for a book coming in May I think. I like doing these since they enthusiasm is always so high with that crowd. It’s not a job, it’s a passion.

Sorry again for the lapse in posts. I’ll toss up some art in the next week or so after I put my current deadline to bed.