Trekker and Grim Ghost #4

Ron Randall, a friend and frequent collaborator a few years back, saw some of my color work at Emerald City Comicon.  Last week he contacted me again to do some colors for a promotional image for the relaunch of his Trekker property as a web comic.  Of course I said yes!  He wanted something a little more muted and soft, so here’s what I did.

Trekker Promo.

Lines by Ron Randall

Colors by Jeremy Colwell

Trekker Promo Image

Also, Chris Summers needed help with some of his work on Grim Ghost #4 and 5.  The deal I had with him was for pay and credit in the book.  Sadly, he tells me Atlas failed to add my name to the book. 🙁  Should be rectified in issue 5, but still would have been nice at this point in my career to get the print credit whenever possible.  Anyhow, here are 3 of the 12 pages I did that issue.

Grim Ghost No.4 Pgs 3, 4, 9

Lines by Kelly Jones

Colors by Jeremy Colwell

Grim Ghost no4 pg3Grim Ghost no4 pg4Grim Ghost no4 pg9