Titans, GL Corps, Legion of Super-Heroes Today!

Big week of releases for me this week.  Hi-Fi Studios continues to send work my way and it a lot of it happened to come out this week.


Titans #38, pages 15, 16

Penciller: Travis Moore

Inker: Walden Wong




Green Lantern Corps #63, page 4

Line Art: Joe Prado



Legion of Super-Heroes #16, page 19

Line Art: Daniel HDR & Marc Deering


2 thoughts on “Titans, GL Corps, Legion of Super-Heroes Today!”

  1. Hey Steve,

    Thanks for the comments! Good points all around. As for the GL page, I just kinda stuck with the established scheme from the other pages around it, but should have pushed it more. I think they made some revisions before it went to print if I heard correctly. Working with color themes and the storytelling stuff is what I’m working on the most. I’m feeling more confident in my rendering, but need to focus on my conceptual side.

    Thanks again for dropping by!

  2. Jeremy,

    I’ll tell you straight that I love the effects you put into blank areas, such as clouds, smoke, trees/shrubbery, and backgrounds. Excellent work.

    Some areas that I think need to be tweaked are things like the colors being too vibrant in the two Titans pages, especially the reds and violets in Arsenal/Red Arrow and the blond character. Given all the smoke and obvious destruction, it’s too bold. In the LSH page, the color of Brainiac 5’s hair makes him look sickly, whereas the old blond hair really accentuated the colors in his skin. And finally, I would love to see what other color options you had as a backdrop for the Green Lantern page as the greens don’t stand out as much as they could (though the green-blue hues are indeed great at creating mood, the tones conflict).

    Great work on your other posted pages. You have an excellent variation that, in each case, seem to really work well with content and style.

    Looking forward to seeing more!


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